Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Allo Darlin' - Capricornia/Tallulah

We really hope Allo Darlin' don't get tarred with the post-Zooey brush because they're ukelele led and can be a touch delicate in emotion. Their second album Europe, out in the US April 17th and here (via Fortuna Pop!)... they've not said yet but April 16th would be a fair assumption, seems from what we've heard live to be a development in light touch while remaining hopeful in the manner of Elizabeth Morris' beloved Go-Betweens. Hot from the inbox, this is the preceding single Capricornia, named after the area of Queensland Morris is from and according to her an attempt to locate a midpoint between A New England and Cattle And Cane. That sense of timeless shuffle (can we say Spring Rain for the latter instead?) is prevalent, as is a willingness to embrace the basic longing in location.

Allo Darlin' - Capricornia by Slumberland Records

Tallulah - another Go-Betweens reference - is the song Elizabeth's been playing solo over the last year or so and we observed absolutely silencing a packed Big Top at End Of The Road. It's charming, witty and ultimately gorgeous in intent.

Allo Darlin' - Tallulah from Will Botting on Vimeo.

About as joyous a live band as you'll find, and that's even if you just take Bill Botting's bouncing on the spot into account, Allo Darlin' play the Fortuna Pop! Winter Sprinter at The Lexington tomorrow, then head around the land like this:

20th February Glasgow Captain's Rest
21st February Edinburgh Sneaky Pete's
22nd February Newcastle Star and Shadow Cinema
23rd February Manchester Deaf Institute
24th February Sheffield Shakespeare (with Standard Fare!)
25th February London Popfest, 100 Club (with Comet Gain and Ace Bushy Striptease)
26th February Leeds Brudenell Social Club
27th February Leicester Musician
28th February Bristol Fleece
29th February Cardiff Buffalo
1st March Oxford Cellar
2nd March Norwich Arts Centre
3rd March Brighton Haunt

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