Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Wave Pictures - Sugar Maple Charcoal

Where It's At Is Where You Are Records are launching a new singles club in 2012, 7777777. Seven three-track 7"s by seven bands released on the 7th of seven months, each on a different day of the week, on vinyl for each rainbow colour with each pressed for 777 copies. Give John Jervis credit, he's going to see this one through to the bitter end. Allo Darlin', Help Stamp Out Loneliness and Shrag are to come, but the series kicks off with three new songs from David Tattersall's endless songbook. It's one of their more basic musical arrangements but there's a rousing trumpet accompaniment and some quietly conflicted lyrical concerns.

the Wave Pictures - Sugar Maple Charcoal by wiaiwya

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