Monday, January 04, 2010

Class Of 2010: Young British Artists

Not that it's ever totally restful but, just as Mark E said it would be, Manchester is on the rise again. This time it's a soaring, atmospheric, reverby kind of rise. Near the forefront of this - oh, let's say it - shoegaze division, alongside Daniel Land and the Modern Painters and Airship, are Young British Artists. Actually, let's call what they do post-shoegaze, as instead of just turning on and fuzzing out they bring a dark Northern post-punk element to play, reflecting the claustrophobia and bass-led propulsion lineage of the Chameleons, Closer Joy Division and first album Interpol but refracted through epically soaring and ringing guitar noise, equal parts Slowdive and Twilight Sad if you want an immediate too easy by far comparison. You (we) feel this Scene That Celebrates Itself recelebration hasn't by far reached its modern apogee yet, but with Kyte and Her Name Is Calla active again and these entering the centre ground with a bang it's only a matter of time. And space.

Young British Artists - Small Waves

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