Sunday, September 06, 2009

This station is re-operational

This train of thought begins with The Second Hand Marching Band, the round-about-twenty membership pan-Scottish outfit who somehow belie their kitchen sink musical count while still creating songs of layered majesty. Invited to play outside the Scottish launch of the (excellent) ATP documentary film, they chose to do this:

And then, in session for BBC Scotland's Vic Galloway last month, they went down a similarly opaque cover route:

The Second Hand Marching Band - One Armed Scissor

Not that they're alone in the stakes of cover-friendly STN favourites taking on that song for radio session purposes:

Jeremy Warmsley - One Armed Scissor (2006 XFM John Kennedy Xposure session)

And that of course would make one think of this, which everyone knows and, fact fans, led John Sessions to flee the studios completely:

And one of the reasons we posted that was to lead onto our wondering whether we were alone in remembering their doing Rolodex Propaganda on TFI Friday the same day, during its last series when even Evans had got bored and disappeared, leaving a series of guest presenters, this particular week Huey Morgan and Donna Air (who apparently still qualifies as a TV presenter and Express favourite despite not having done anything except corporates and award ceremonies for years), to hold the fort. Despite its perceived rarity nature it had never turned up on YouTube.

Until, literally, yesterday.

Good work at the end there, Donna.

Now, can someone put us out of our real misery and upload Sebadoh on Top Of The Pops?

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