Monday, July 06, 2009

Embassy number one

Sweden isn't just about mildly fey Smithsian indiepop. The Göteborg scene is of a more pastel-coloured digital hue, housing the critically acclaimed Tough Alliance, Studio and Air France. Leaders of said scene are The Embassy, a duo whose debut album, 2005's Futile Crimes, was named the third best of the century so far in a localised poll and whose recent single was released in a limited edition 12". That's a limited edition of... three. It's somewhat Mediterranean in feel, like a Balearic non-Cracknell Saint Etienne meets Service labelmate Jens Lekman and an odd dash of Laid Back, the Danish outfit whose mid 80s near-hit Bakerman, the skydiving video (directed by Lars von Trier!) for which was on the Chart Show every week for what seemed like months. They call it "underclass disco". The press release compares it to "ecstasy-fuelled jewel stealing on the Riviera." Oh, now you say it...

The Embassy - You Tend To Forget

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