Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Say goodbye to a few hours

Because we've just found out (OK, via Popjustice, but still) that Universal are slowly putting their whole video back catalogue on YouTube, 7809 of the blighters at the time of writing and no Ballroom or Let Loose left unturned.

Clearly we've taken note of a lot to put on our YouTube channel, but the overall scope is simply ridiculous. You're merrily gazing through the endless lists when you stumble across long forgotten pieces of our shared musical history, such as Double Barrel-sampling, Geoff Barrow of Portishead produced 2003 version of UK soul's future McKay, ABC's career levelling Fairlight-friendly How To Be A Millionaire, Apache Indian, Holly Johnson's solo career or these twats. Then you're diverted by Brix Smith's The Adult Net, one of Adam Ant's attempted comeback singles that we loved at the time and now can barely listen to and maybe even, spare us, Bob Geldof's The Great Song Of Indifference, an attempt at levity about which the only notable thing is the story Stuart Maconie tells of seeing him perform it on a European TV show and the host greeting him afterwards with "that was a very funny song", only to have "it's not meant to be funny" hissed back at him. Who's ever heard Tetris by Doctor Spin (Andrew Lloyd Webber was involved somewhere in it) in the fifteen years since release? Or seen the rare video for Elastica's Car Song, in which an Annieless band become glamorous PVC Ghostbusters and Donna accidentally flashes her knickers at camera at least twice? And then you realise the day has passed you by without your doing anything but having five YouTube enabled browsers open at once.

All of which leaves one question, if one that some of you may suffer deja vu on.

What the fuck is this?


ichlugebullets said...

Sport Aid 88 charity single. Not Clough's only recorded output as well, he did some anti-hooligan rap track in the late 80s. As well as clearly being a big influence on Kanye.

LB said...

Holly Johnson's solo career was fantastic, incidentally.

"Americanos" is a *great* record.

Chris Brown said...

There's a lot of Graham Taylor in that video, isn't there?

archivedmusicpress said...

Brilliant! Thanks for this.

look said...

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