Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Which is more disturbing - Zane Lowe's apparent belief that his whole listenership is hanging on his every word desperately hoping for news of the new Razorlight single, or that he might be right?

Colin Murray would be a really decent radio host is he could just stop being "Colin Murray". In the space of his first link on Wednesday he stated an apparently genuine belief that the Mercury Music Prize was named in honour of Freddie Mercury and pretty much libelled Alison Krauss in the cause of dismissing her life's work in favour of labelling her a MILF supreme.

Nobody believed us when we said in advance of the nominations that Elbow would win, when come the evening it was obvious - Radiohead wouldn't win with this when they didn't win with OK Computer, the panel would be subconsciously wary of garlanding another debut album with Myths Of The Near Future already ageing, while Untrue (odds on favourite!) is technically superb and reflects exactly where forward thinking British urban music should be, but it's not the sort of thing you'd put on for forty minutes' pleasure.

We've worked it out. Oasis' The Shock Of The Lightning resembles a mashup in which Bring It On Down has been artlessly pasted on top of the intro to Stereolab's Wow And Flutter.

Alright, Noah And The Whale reissuing Shape Of My Heart we can see the financial logic in, even if it is the next nearest they've had to a hit (and Rocks And Daggers seems to go down just as well live, although that could be because they played it straight after 5 Years Time and in that situation launching into the theme from Ovide would have gone down well). But Vampire Weekend supporting an October tour by re-releasing A-Punk? Fuck off with ya!

Did anyone else hear the half-time 5 Live coverage of the Croatia-England game? Specifically, the bit where they replayed Alan Green's commentary of Walcott's goal preceded by a sizeable section of the intro to The Walkmen's The Rat. We genuinely thought for a moment we'd put 6 Music on accidentally.

Given all most people knew in advance of the Large Hadron Collider was that there was a chance it'd end the world, we'd suggest CERN's scientific advance is somewhat tempered by their poor abilities at PR. (Yes, it does count, that D:Ream bloke, remember)

Come on, Ovide? Some sort of cartoon duck? Went out early on in the Children's BBC slot and before Going Live? "More top tales of Ovide Video/The gang's all here, let's get on with the show, yeah let's go"?

Being a rotten cash-in approximation of the Killers is one thing; being a rotten cash-in approximation of the Hold Steady another. To be both, and still end up sounding like American Hi-Fi, means the Gaslight Anthem are surely worthy of some sort of anti-commendation award.

Even this far on, is September 11th really the best day to be playing Eels' Souljacker? We have a very distinct memory of E in full beard mode being interviewed about this on the Big Breakfast bed on that very morning.

There is little more satisfying in life than watching the scrolling song display on a DAB radio slowly spell out 'Dananananaykroyd'.

End Of The Road? Come back tomorrow to Friday inclusive.

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