Thursday, August 07, 2008

Fringe benefits

Have we used that headline before? Doubtless.

So in our last post we made reference to the Summer Sundae Fringe Warm-Up Parties, which take place tonight from 7pm at various venues across glamorous Leicester city centre. Entertainments include Tired Irie, Love Ends Disaster!, Pacific Ocean Fire, newly reactivated Herra Hidro, stars of the Weekender just gone Project Notion, BBC Introducing's choice to represent the east Midlands at Glastonbury the Dandilions and plenty of others, and when all the boys with guitars have finished Lisa Lashes is doing a DJ set. Tickets are £3, incorporating a free bus ride between venues, and all monies go towards LOROS, caring for the terminally ill in the county.

The reason we're telling you all this is we've been invited to participate in the only way we know how. And once we've finished standing at the back looking awkward, we'll be distributing the Summer Sundae Weekender Fringe fanzine, our SSW-approved 12-page guide to the three day festivities to come, hard copies of which will be available gratis at the Charlotte, Firebug, The Musician and The Donkey, and we do recommend you take one and not just throw it in the gutter outside. We'll be checking. If there's any spare that aren't beer soaked, we'll drop a few off inside De Montfort Hall on Friday too. If you're reading this after taking advantage of the above, do let us know in the comment box/Myspace inbox/mail inbox what you thought.

Or if that's too much like hard work, simply download this PDF, handily in booklet format, and print out your own copy.

The Summer Sundae Weekender Fringe fanzine

There. Never say we don't do anything for you. Er, if you're going to Summer Sundae and/or the warm-up. Full review next week!

(And once that's done, we can get on with putting together...ah, we'll keep that to ourselves until nearer the time)


The Daily Growl said...

Nice work on the fanzine. Ah, takes me back to many happy summers at Summer Sundae. Shame I've missed it since last year. Hope this year's is going well and the Growls hope to make a return trip to Leicester in the not-to-distant future...

Anonymous said...

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