Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Songs of love

We get a lot of emails and CDs through the in/letterbox these days, and with everything else emerging, leaking or just coming to mind some of it can slip by the wayside if we're not careful. We really, for example, should have talked up New Yorker Dawn Landes' album Fireproof. To be fair we greatly admired the single Bodyguard, and hopefully you who follow the Weekly Sweep with a jeweller's eyepiece did too, but the full record is much like what Feist would sound like if she were less jazz-pop and more country-folk, or a more together Cat Power who went to Tennessee rather than Alabama, while also leaving enough room to suggest the next album could be the critical and commercial breakthrough proper. A sometime Earlies collaborator who's sound engineered for Ryan Adams and Philip Glass, she's currently supporting Josh Ritter on a UK tour, should you be interested.

Dawn Landes - Twilight

Meanwhile we've had the new album by self-releasing LA outfit Death To Anders, Fictitious Business, for a few weeks now but only got around to listening to it yesterday, and it turned out to be a very strong collection of literate American alt-rock, if a very 90s focused one. See, there's quite a bit of Pavement there, as seems to be with 80% of young American bands, which is no bad thing provided they can work that band's ever changing textural moods as well as this, but they're clearly not afraid of Sonic Youth's squally dynamics or Moon And Antarctica Modest Mouse's questing angularities either. It really is an album we could have uploaded anything from, so we've fairly randomly gone for...

Death To Anders - Mooney Stegg

In other breaking news:

* TOP RECOMMENDATION: Matthew over at Song, By Toad has launched the first Toad Session with the magnificent Broken Records, featuring four acoustic live mp3s including forthcoming debut single If the News Makes You Sad Don’t Watch It, videos and a podcast also featuring chat and band selections.

* URGENT REQUEST: Another of our favourite new British bands 4 Or 5 Magicians are heading around the country for the next couple of weeks but their driver can't get the necessary insurance. So, are you 21 or over with a licence, able to get to Brighton this week and don't have a lot planned between 30th March (3rd April at the latest) and 12th April? Contact the band through that link there.

* EMBED NONSENSE: And finally, and with a certain inevitability, British Sea Power on Countryfile:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Si. Glad you like it - fuck it was a lot of work - but the reaction has made it all worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

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