Sunday, September 25, 2005

In shops tomorrow - 26/9/05

Yes, we're jumping on this bandwagon every Sunday from now on:

  • Going from New Younger Younger 28s to saviours of Irish pop in one bound, the Chalets' No Style
  • Editors re-release Bullets in what we've eventually decided is a superior form
  • This is how we introduce them one at a time - the Go! Team rejig Bottle Rocket to avoid those sampling bills piling up
  • Back at Summer Sundae we noted the Infadels, who release Jagger 67, finally blending Radio 4 punk-funk with UK dance culture, plus the singer's relentless energy and the guitarist's hat. At least one of these facets is on show here
  • LCD Soundsystem's Tribulations probably won't get Murphy back into the top 20, but it's closer than Black Dice will manage
  • Points to Levy's Rotten Love just for adding itself to the list of songs where the singer namechecks himself

  • The Dead 60s' debut finishes its three months on the release schedule sidelines, which has allowed them to add a limited edition dub mix second CD to their underachieving but high aiming Clash-ska
  • As previously reviewed, Help: A Day In The Life comes to CD minus two of the best download tracks
  • Piss-poor title, appalling cover, weak ending, but Mew And The Glass Handed Kites at least proves they're still approaching indie-prog-dreampop like nobody else

  • A critically acclaimed retrospective 25 years of steel city blues in Made In Sheffield, oddly released in America before Britain. If you're not that arsed about the Human League, get Curb Your Enthusiasm Series 4 instead.

    Ant said...

    Actually Made In Sheffield has already been out here for a couple of years at least. So long that I managed to accumulate two copies, and flog one on Ebay.

    It's a great documentary. The footage of Vice Versa (the ABC precursor) is glorious in its total 80sness. In particular their Futurama appearance where they appear to be dressed as P.E. teachers (complete with whistles).

    Jarvis Cocker also tells a glorious story about getting a kebab in the face as a young punk.

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