Saturday, October 23, 2010

Playlist additions 23/10/10

  • Broken Records - A Darkness Rises Up [Myspace] [YouTube] [Spotify]
    They're back! Jamie's still howling into the void! It sounds a bit more like Arcade Fire than before! It can't be helped.

  • Fire Eyes - Fire Eyes [Myspace]
    Do you remember Cottonmouth Rocks? What? Oh. Well, in that case, here's someone who is new to you with their new band, with a blues/r'n'r twang, an amount of intrigue and an air of David Lynch.

  • Gospel Music - Automobile [YouTube]
    The bassist from Black Kids makes an EP of duets, this one with Tracyanne Campbell, and makes like Jonathan Richman.

  • Gruff Rhys - Shark Ridden Waters [download] [Soundcloud]
    The customary retreat to solo waters after a pile of SFA and collaborative activity, it's back to the road trip tropicalia, produced by Andy Votel for that extra retro-futurist weird beat.

  • Holy Fuck - Red Lights [Myspace] [YouTube] [Spotify]
    In which Holy Fuck make a video in which cats play instruments, closely followed by Carles closing Hipster Runoff out of spite. (Maybe.) It's pretty much made for a weird chase sequence, in something akin to fairness.

  • James Blake - Limit To Your Love [YouTube] [Soundcloud]
    The Aqualung of 2011?

  • Trophy Wife - Microlite [Myspace] [YouTube] [Soundcloud]
    So, after everything, it seems Jonquil's other projects are attracting more attention than the umbrella band have ever managed. Following Hugo Manuel's Chad Valley persona, and another wing of Oxford's burgeoning Blessing Force collective (see also Rhosyn, Manuel-associated and soon to support Jonquil), Jody Prewett's side band take New Order to the west coach beach. Again, people will wrongly file this under chillwave and send it to the relevant overkill authorities, but fans of The Notwist will find things to like.

  • Warpaint - Set Your Arms Down [Myspace] [live YouTube] [album stream]
    This is what they do. Make you think they're going one way with the slow burn spaciousness, then pile on the existentialism and head to darker climes.

  • We Three And The Death Rattle - Double Or Quits [Myspace] [Soundcloud]
    No need to write about this again, we've already done so.

    More proof, meanwhile, that Islet are not like other bands. While the rest of the pop world goes mad for images of cats as part of the internet lols, they bring along a dog.

    Islet "Ringerz" from Ewan Jones Morris on Vimeo.

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